Saturday, December 24, 2011

And to All, a Happy New Shit.

It appears to me that, even for the more religious folk, Christmas has agreeably lost its moral center, preferring instead to be a holiday seized by capitalism, gift-giving, and PC twats.

No one likes Kwanzaa. Sorry.

But, even for them, they still kinda have an unearthly investment, whereby it remains a celebration of the savior, their lord, Jesus Christ.

Obligatory meme is obligatory.

So for those of us who've opted not to believe, how do we salvage this strange time of the year? I can't speak for all Atheists, as I've got a hint of Agnosticism.


But Christmas isn't really a shit time for me.

If the super cool duo of God & Jesus act as the precedent for human behavior in Christians, then without them, I'd need to create my own standard. Like I've said before on this blog, the precedent I live up to is whatever the most desired traits of human interaction is. This means high standards for compassion, understanding, logic, and Christina Hendricks.

Precedent set. Erection had.

With that compass in mind, I find a kind of fondness for Christmas. A nice little time in the year where, at least it seems, all the vices get washed away, everyone's shortcomings are ignored, and in their places are respect and admiration for whoever the hell you are. It's really kind of sweet.


A lot of this comes from my own nostalgia, where, being the youngest kid in the family, I was swarmed by presents and gifts. So it seems easy to think my wintry infatuation is associated with McDonald's Playpen and a fucking huge Megazord that I totally ended up breaking.

It's okay, Pokémon cards are just a few years away.

But those temporary pleasures have long since evaporated. And what's left is a silky residue of emotion, elicited not from the plastic comforts of China-crafted playthings, but from why it was they landed in my hands.

Why is there an annual ritual of getting inside a car, toiling through traffic, landing in a mall, being annoyed by similarly busied people, and getting inside a store to reluctantly purchase an object you know full well will be obsolete in 4 months?

And why is the process initiated, executed, and repeated with full willingness, motivated by no personal incentive, on a yearly basis?

It's the only time we actually care.

Ho, ho, ho, Merry Give a Fuck!

The highest regard is given to the most venerable characteristics of the human spirit, and everyone seems utterly willing to adhere to them. It's the epitome of everything I'd ever ask from humanity. All this because someone decided "Let's just fucking be nice this month", and attached a little baby Messiah to the whole thing.

Thanks chibi Jesus.

It's a testament to who we are, and what we can be. And it's certainly questionable. And strange. And unusual. And selfish. And retarded. But goddamnit, people actually give a fuck. And it's wonderful.

I wake up this morning to find I have no qualms with Christmas. I love everything about it. I embrace it, and hope to embody its spirit. I only have to ask, at this point...why isn't it Christmas everyday?

Merry Give a Fuck, everyone.

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  1. Great read and very thought-provoking. A fan already. Keep up the good work. Oh yeah, Bah Humbug!!!!