Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Amidst the long (Okay, 3 months) hiatus, there's one very prominent thing I've learned about myself and the relationship I have with people as a whole. I hate them.

What a profound audience you've touched.

But what feeds this is a starkly contrasting duality; two opposing sides intertwined like the infinity symbol, constantly circulating and generating one another's energy.

The contrast? I love them.


It's something out of 1984's "doublethink", where I can somehow hold both emotions and feel like there's a real logic behind it without my brain melting. I'm not sure which is the base emotion, but because we're all dumbass young adults, it's more entertaining to start with why I hate them.

They're stupid. Really, it's that simple. Advertisers, corporations, and media perpetuate the belief that people are easily generalized into a few categories. Not only do people still unflinchingly support them despite that, but they don't even bother to notice that they are the stereotype they've been told they were.

Yes, fat white women DO eat ice cream when they're sad. No, they DON'T care about that. Yes, black people DO love watermelon/grape-flavored products. No, they DON'T care about that. Yes, we hispanics DO mow lawns and work construction sites illegally. No, they DON'T aspire for more than that. Yes, white guys DO drink miller lite at bars and think mediocre girls are hot. No, they DON'T know they look just like the beer commercial.

This blog is sex without foreplay. And no condom.

(That might as well be rape, right? Is this blog raping you?)

And God forbid they're social when they play consumer at a store; 'cause it's not like using the automated cashier is an affront to all of humanity. No! In fact it's faster! Yeah! What a great train of thought!

All aboard!

And yet, it's why I love them. I coddle them like an affable retard. Like a wounded animal, I feel as though they're unable to see their own flaws and that I, as a righteous do-gooder who may or may not laugh at gay porn as recreation, have to care about them for their own good.I treat them kindly and with the utmost respect whenever possible.

When the homeless ask me for change, I give it to them. And if I don't, I make change for them. If some drug-addled straggler decides he's going to have a weird conversation on the train with me (And we've all been through this), then yes, I will have a fantastic conversation with him. That old guy who's probably a Vietnam vet. but obscures this detail because he's making shit Q&A jokes like anyone does those in the 21st century?

Yeah, I've given that guy the time of day. Because I know no one else has. And I know no one else will.

I know. Get me a stool.

All because I hate them. Because I know that there's people who seem to lack that special level of awareness, or maybe stopped giving a fuck, but either way, it makes me despise them.

Don't misunderstand me here either. I perfectly understand that this sounds like one of those rants some kid makes as he stands up in the lecture hall during his political science class only to find the class was nodding the whole time, and no one knows why he was screaming a sermon at the choir.

I suppose this is more or less a journal entry, and not really a "Oh my God, NO ONE THINKS LIKE I DO" diatribe. A marker that, yeah, I felt this way at some point.

Also this is a nice preface for my next blog. Okay, it's totally a preface for my next blog.