Sunday, December 12, 2010

You know how Diet Coke has a nasty aftertaste?

I don't normally go about disclosing personal emotions on this blog. There's a variety of reasons, but mostly because my emotions are vapid and temporary. However, as mentioned briefly in the previous blog, the interesting dynamic between me and people has been the focal point of my days lately, so I kind of can't help it.

Besides, something weird happened that I didn't expect.

You posting a blog?

I feel that I'm unconditionally kind to people. So, in an effort to bring some balance, on Dec. 5th, the last day of my teenage life, I would seek this balance.

Except it turned out like this.

So I did some bad things. Nothing crazy. Thing is though, the day has had an unintended effect. I want to do more.

Since that day I've only grown less tolerant of people and whenever I self-righteously deem someone insolent, I'm engulfed in this strange passion to correct them. The shallow conclusion is that what I did wasn't enough. Honestly, I think it just sparked something.

What comes of this teenage aftertaste I'm not sure. And, like I ended my last blog, I'm not entirely sure these sentiments are so unique. I wouldn't be surprised if a million and one 20 year olds feel the same way. Still though, what occurs between today and the next two years will solidify who I am forever. And this isn't how I thought things would go.

Nevertheless, the night was fun. Here are a few clips that will either make you laugh, totally deflate the grandiose nature of this blog, or both. Probably both.