Sunday, January 9, 2011

Smashing Cups of Oatmeal.

Writing about specific things doesn't interest me anymore; rambling seems something my words are more interested in doing right now.

Nothing new.

Which explains this blog's recent silence. That, and life has been pretty evolutionary for me as of late. Before I had enough quiet time to contemplate people and events; this created a sea of thoughts to fish for the blog. Now it's been overrun by rival fishermen donning green aprons and rock instruments.

Let's start with the latter. I've been in a band called Argonauts (I'm the drummer) for about 4 or 5 months now. Recently, we've finally gained some ground in our music and played our first show (Videos at the end). Practice and the myriad experiences that come with being in a band have been replacing any need for me to write clever whims about stupid people. All my creativity has been transferred into music and my drumming, leaving little for my poor intellectual side to scavenge for this blog.

However, it would be possible to drum up (Puns are always a good idea!) some bits of meticulous sarcasm if I had spare time beyond the band. But Starbucks replaces that, and does so ruthlessly. It's not just the amount of hours, but that Starbucks manages to stunt any consistent train of thought. This is new for me, because if ever you find me blankly staring into the distance, it isn't because my brain's matching my eyes. And yet the noise pollution of Starbucks, and how absolutely generic the level of thought is there, has been suffocating for me.

Don't get me wrong. The job, as it is, is still enjoyable. But when you add the variable that is humanity, the equation always ends up undefined. The customers/co-workers aren't rude. Okay, generally. But the conversations they have and what they deem important has me smashing my cup of Perfect Oatmeal from time to time.

"It's cold out there huh?"

"How was your [recent holiday here]?"

"Did you sleep well last night?"

Which leaves little room for any thoughtful answer:


"It was good."

"No (Implying: Because I seek caffeine like Velma Dinkley looking for her glasses and am unable to apply self-control)."

Then, like my favorite blogger Kate's mentioned, the back-and-forth tennis-like quality of most conversation means this entire mindfuck of an exchange happens again. With these exchanges happening multiple times. IN THE SPAN OF 10 MINUTES.

I don't want to misconstrue my hatred of shitty conversation with a hatred for human interaction or something. But when you have the same people coming in and conversing about the same bullshit, with thoughts about as deep and interesting as a baby's asshole, it gets incredibly grating after 5 months.

I think it's simply my age that creates this friction. I suppose these middle aged adults that swarm my Starbucks with particular fervor have gotten the swing of this shitty way of existing. Alright, that's kind of unfair. I just don't feel like having the same 5 conversations 10 times in 30 minutes. I think it's a sociological shame to do so.

So at some point I might end up transferring to a Starbucks where old people don't enjoy being old. Starbucks is still a great place to work at, and its highs are probably better than any job I've ever had, but I've never been as intellectually annoyed as this before.

So yeah, that's more or less what I've been doing lately. I'm going to find ways to create more time for things like this. There's a part of me that really misses it, and starves for it. I can't neglect it.

Oh and don't bother asking what constantlychangeshername is doing. Soy beans and kittens is a really underwhelming response.

Now here are the videos that blatantly yell "I hope this compensates for my lack of pictures."

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