Monday, October 24, 2011

Indie, y u no srs?

I am going to ignore the fact that this meme is clearly a parody on Hispanic people and offensive to the culture I so strongly disassociate myself with.

wat is dis.

If you've read this blog in a thorough fashion, you will have almost certainly noticed that I am indeed a prodigy.


Being prodigious is a burden I shoulder every day of my life. "Oh Indie, you write so good!" "Oh Indie, teach me how to be musical like you!" "Oh Indie, please don't touch me there!"

My prodigy van.

These stresses create vast pressures on me, from which I have little respite. There has to be some time I can designate as a solace for when I'm not undoing blindness and fornicating asexually with supernatural connotations.

Or at least looking asexual.

Cookies and Landmines is the leisure of my genius. The intellectual nap of my day. The ideological scratch of my balls.

Please don't make me Google Image this.

This grants me greater focus when I apply my infallible thinking process to greater purposes.

Critical thinking.

And that is why I do not tackle issues more worthy of my astronomical intellectual fortitude.

And/or I suck at writing that shit.


  1. Because I'm wearing a CARDIGAN!

  2. Exactly! Can you even FATHOM how IMPORTANT that makes me?????

  3. Would I totally be missing the point if I were all, "WOOHOO DOMINICAN FLAG?" Yes?

    Just checking.


  4. Hardly; I got no problem being Dominican. Before the plantain jokes roll in.