Saturday, February 20, 2010

"Crazed" blogger writes a "crazed" blog about broken American media.

I appreciate the ambition, but this probably isn't the proper way to go about it.

Airplanes don't kill people, people do. Lol!

It pisses me off, however, that every publication is going out of their way to call him "crazed" without any legitimate psychological proof of madness. Practially tripping over themselves to paint the pilot as a madman, all the while completely ignoring the duty of journalism which is to simply report the goddamn story.

This is how you report a story. Not one goddamn drop of the word "crazed". A simple presentation of a story without any agenda-based embellishment.

Unfortunately, that was from Belfast, Ireland.

Even worse however, his friends didn't think he was "crazed":

The crazed pilot who launched a kamikaze air attack on a Texas IRS office hid his anger so deeply, friends say they had no idea of his anti-establishment rage or the money woes he said were behind it.

Doesn't stop the New York Post from twisting it. Guess which part of that sentence is an assumption. Seeing as the rest of the article shows his friends didn't say he "hid" the anger, but only that they never saw any sign of financial struggle. Not once in that article do they say "He never had an anti-government position and despised the IRS".

I don't know at what point the media decided it had a place in deciding who is "crazed" and who isn't. Who was "hiding" their madness and who wasn't.

Because I thought the media's role was to display the goddamn art, not brush little fucking daffodils on it.

It's funny too. Because assumedly having a willingness to die or kill for a cause defines you as crazed, right?

I don't think the four fathers or the very concept of "Army" would agree with that.

Then, this must mean that what defines one as crazed for committing martyrdom is dependent upon the cause itself. How does believing that the IRS and the entire tax system is a blight on American society warrant him being called "crazed" or "bent"? And how is willing to die to reverse the problem or prove this point make him crazed?

I suppose it's because he rammed a plane into a building that probably had mostly innocent people in it. Granted.

But if he rammed the plane into the house of the man at the top of the IRS, wouldn't the media be just as quick to slap "crazed" before his name?

Listen, I hate the sin. Particularly because those who died were, again, probably innocent. There are also several more efficient and diplomatic ways to go about proving that the IRS is fucked and America needs to wake up.

But I can't fault him for his ambition or his cause. And I certainly wouldn't unabashedly call him "crazed". Because if the building were an "Al-Queda" terrorist hut, or full of Muslim extremists, we'd probably venerate him like a goddamn hero.

There are no pictures in this one. There is very little in the way of jokes. It's because I'm truly annoyed at the lack of integrity. I've had it with the American media. Truly, I have. I'm never going to listen to or read another American news report or story by an outlet poses itself as a serious news organization. The need to muddle up a story with agendas all for the sake of grabbing eyes yet at the cost of drowning the fucking story itself;

I'm absolutely done with it.

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