Sunday, May 9, 2010

The ambition to talk to strangers.

If there's one monumental thing I can thank my meager job at a pharmacy for is popping my "oh noes people!" cherry.

When you're a teenager, talking to people is the most awkward situation. No eye contact. Keep your voice low. The only way to gain some bravery is if you're surrounded by 2 other dorks your age.

I drew the dicks.

And the smallest bit of contact with people makes young teens giggle their pubescent asses off. I remember being at the movies once for the Friday the 13th remake (Which also doubled as the worst 10 dollars I'd ever spent. In my life.), and there was a guy in the crowd wearing the Jason hockey mask. As he crept through a populated row, one of the Hispanic girls he passed by awkwardly remarked "You always wear that mask?", which was to the delight of her friends as they laughed.

I mean, seriously? "You always wear that mask?" made 5 people laugh? She didn't even say it funny. Nothing in that moment had any sort of comedy whatsoever.

Much like Sinbad's career actually.

But it worked. And I'm sure it'll be one of those "Oh my God Isabella do you remember that Jason guy???" moments in 3 years.

That's all it takes for young teens to laugh and feel brave.

Not like they had high standards anyway.

I thank my job for relinquishing me from that shy bullshit and, at least, heightening my standards of interaction with random people. It's given me the ability to just be an overall better human being. You can make someone's day with your kindness, comedy, or you intellectuality, as opposed to sitting on a bus and looking like quiet hipster douchebag by being open. You can even make a once-in-a-lifetime moment for yourself. And my job has given me the tools to do this.

Besides, I like to think it makes the world a brighter place when you have the balls to stand up from your seat for a disabled lady on a train, or help a blind man walk to his destination.

Or to yell like a jackass from the passenger side of your parents' car.

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