Saturday, March 5, 2011

Jesus Looks Like Your Gas Attendant

After reading this article and, of course, being highly skeptical about it, a piece of the story caught my eye:

"Over time his visions became more believable. He described Jesus..."
Something tells me he didn't say "Jesus looks like your gas attendant, daddy."

Let he who is without NJ state law cast the first pump.

But what if he did? What if he said "Jesus was black"? What would this story have been then? Would the integrity be any different to the readers? Hell, would they have even mentioned that he described Jesus?

Haha, okay Colton, but seriously shut the fuck up.

Bet the book, which is 4th on Amazon's Top 100, probably wouldn't have happened.

The undercurrent in this story, and the very reason why it's even a "news" story at all, is that it confirms ideologies many people already believe in. It's another piece of psychological reinforcement; an anecdotal representation of "I WAS RIGHT!!!!". Look back: this month old "news" is the most popular page on the site. We eat this shit up.

Yeah, I keep placing "news" in irritatingly sarcastic quotations. But not because "OMG RELIGION SUX".

Said Emma Dawkins.

More because there is nothing new about someone getting high on anesthetics and seeing shit. Much less a kid, who's clearly predisposed to and familiar with the concept of God and Heaven. His dad's a pastor, after all.

There is a bit in this story, however, that catches me frozen. Apparently, in the drugged-up premonition, he learned of his mom's miscarriage and brought it up, much to the mother's surprise.


Colton was supposed to have no prior knowledge of it.

The only reasoning I could figure is that Colton could've have overheard discussion of this, without understanding what exactly was buzzing in his ear. The sounds colluded in his subconscious, add some drugs, and voila, "omg mommy had a miscarriage".

It's the proper verbal reaction.

But even then I'm making a pretty tough shot in the dark.

Not that it matters though. This doesn't shift my philosophies on God and whatnot. But it makes me kind of sad that this is considered a piece of news. A story that people apparently have to hear. I mean, clearly, they want to. Hell, I want to. But do we have to? Does this really do anything more than help us seclude ourselves in our little psychological bunkers?

And where are the "I had surgery, I woke up, and there's no God, bro" stories? What if Colton got up and told his pastor dad "Daddy, I didn't see anything. God doesn't exist."? I'd imagine this entire story AND book would've been nothing more than an awkward moment between a father and his son.

Or Dave After the Dentist.

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