Friday, March 11, 2011

Wipe tears, replace with smiles.

As you might've already heard, an unprecedented earthquake, and its tsunami aftermath, has decimated Japan, and potentially other parts of the globe. This will/has undoubtedly dismantled the structure for modern civilization in some parts of Japan, and will likely be a lengthy, and arduous, rebuilding process.

But before we roll off the melodramatic FB statuses and the telethons where Kanye will have another opportunity to use reverse racism while Mike Myers wishes he was dead, please, let's remember to keep a smile on our faces. To laugh not only despite, but in spite of this grave situation. It's never done anyone any good solely to sit there and pout about something.

And if you are making an effort to openly cry for Japan, please make the same effort to donate to or volunteer for the inevitable campaigns that will come of this. Because no matter how many people answer "What's on your mind?", that society will remain in its drenched rubble until you get the fuck up and do something.


Someone should've stopped Team Magma.

1 comment:

  1. 70% of my Facebook network has been putting up status messages sending their condolences and praying for Japan. I don't know how that helps.

    Donations and volunteering work would actually help. Only if people would get that.