Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Marco. Atheist!

I mentioned in the previous blog that I do mask things about me; particularly my Atheism in public and workspaces. I don't think, for the most part, that anyone would freak out dearly from finding out. But there's a certain stigma to the word, one that I don't think fits very well with my happy-go-lucky face and attitude.

i can haz no faith???

See? Shit don't work.

Okay a little.

Still, I try to hide it from my boss at work. I don't think she cares very much. She likes to see herself in a hippy-esque "Down with government" way. Though she's really just an obnoxious ass white lady with an opinion.

But I'm worried she'd secretly or unwittingly react to me being atheist in the scheduling or something. Not that I've done a fine job of hiding it; I've openly chosen to work both major Christian holidays during prime hours (Christmas and Easter, or as the clever kids call it, "Happy Zombie Jesus Day"). I even stupidly asked her when Easter was.

And so Judas said, "Shoot for the head".

I wasn't joking when I thought customers would react adversely though. That I don't think I'm so wrong about. Often there are priests that come in from a church near the store, and plenty of preachy God-wovvers come in, ending on such niceties like "Jesus loves you my child", to which I can only look at them like I'm trying to telepathically tell them "NO, YOU DON'T KNOW! YOU. DON'T. KNOW!!!!!" But then I only end up looking like Matilda in the movie when she failed to tip the glass over.

Deny the Holy Spirit, come on, come on, deny the Holy Spirit, come on...

I just worked in a Matilda movie reference. I want money for this.

Anyway, a part of me wants to openly be an atheist and proclaim it to the world, frothing at the opportunity to dismantle someone's God-fearing argument. Why else would I buy a shirt with a big fucking A on it? Thing is though, it's not in my personality to discomfort people I don't know. I have a very strong "I hope everyone's happy with me!!!" complex that needs to be satiated every once in a while.

But that isn't the point, is it? Why should I even feel nervous about being atheist to start with? I dunno. I got a lot of growing up to do.

I'm God; you're not; I'm almighty, you're a blogger; I'm the Architect, you're a sales associate, and there's nothing you can do about it.

Alright that's the last one I swear.


  1. lol I dealt with this awhile back on whether to hide that I'm atheist or not...

    ...Unfortunately, I went with the open route when I was much younger and in Catholic School. That did not go over well with my Religion Teacher - I can tell you that much! XD

    However, now - declaring my beliefs rolls right off the tongue. If the topic I'm participating has to due with religion, and the context is fitting - I point out: "Hey... yeah, I'm not a big God worshiper." Or something subtle like that... just in case there is a crazy radical religious person is around ¬_¬

    Afterward, people in the group ask me what I mean, and I tell them I'm atheist. BIG SURPRISE: It's not that shocking anymore. People are more interested in finding out how it's like to not have a big bearded white (or black) guy (or girl) looming over you and how an atheist came to think of such a thing...

    ...A small few may say your wrong, but in today's age - I have more people saying: "Well okay, that's your belief - we'll have to agree to disagree and just move on" or something peaceful like that.

    SO my suggestion is - don't hesitate. Atheism isn't just something you can brand on a shirt and make bucks off - it's a lifestyle choice. Be proud of it... because if you're faltering with it because you're afraid of what society might think... then what's the point. That's like the kid that really wants cake at a party but is afraid he might be called fat - "no mofo, I want that damn cake!"

    And if your boss finds out and starts dishing out more work because she discriminates - that's an easy way to make money in my opinion. Discriminatory laws have come a long way ;D

  2. lol our peers are more willing to accept atheism though than white people between 30 and 80. Which is the main demographic of the store.

    And yeah when it comes to religious conversations I have no problem admitting it. I just wonder if doing it publically and ona routine basis would do any damage.

    Oh and I definitely don't falter. I've never felt any belief in a God since I was a kid. Just never seemed real or made sense to me.

  3. Don't get me wrong though I'm still listening. I think I'll just take your advice head on. I'm smart enough to handle it appropriately anyway.