Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Something oddly awesome happened.

As I was driving from my brother's house not too long ago I saw a skater going down the same curved hill I was on. I sighed impatiently as he didn't get out of my way; he kept doing these sort of bell curves where he would swing hard from the far left to the far right rhythmically.

But then it started impressing me.

All the while I was blasting the last minute and a half or so of AM's The View from the Afternoon as he was doing this. It was almost in sync; perfect symmetry with a great song and a great skater. I promptly turned down the window and blasted the song to give him the perfect background music.

At the end of the hill he had tripped off his board, but I had to give him his props as I drove by; giving him applause and a loud "whoo", with his response being a great fist pump in the air and a "YEAAH!!" that sounded like it was made out of pure adrenaline/enthusiasm.

A little moment in my life that I won't forget any time soon.

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