Monday, April 12, 2010

The Things You Don't Know

Working as a lone cashier at a pharmacy in a simple yet kind little neighborhood makes me think rather often: they have no idea who I am and what my ideologies are, nor would they ever guess at it.

I make a pretty big effort to be as nice and gentle as possible. Because I'm usually the only cashier alongside one other supervisor/manager, that means the majority of the customers have to go through me during their shopping. Which then means that I have an influence on every person's experience there. Which, finally, means that I should be, and want to be, as nice as possible.

Please bare with me here.

But in my very simplified niceness as a cashier, I realize that it may give off the impression that I'm equally as simple-minded. Not necessarily stupid, but that I probably don't approach very deep, or dangerous, levels of thought. It's almost like a mask.

Particularly though, I wonder how'd they react if they knew I was atheist. I think customers would be pretty shocked.

In a symbolic gesture I sometimes wear my Arrogant Atheist shirt (I know, very douchey of me, but I do like the shirt) under my pharmacy's uniform. Those are the days I quietly smile to myself the most.

God is dead TEE-HEE

Looking out the box though, this makes me realize that the things you don't know (that's the title!!!), the things you could never guess at, are always the most important details. The ones that shape who a person is. Which is why working off assumptions always leads to misconceptions.

...Or to you looking like this.

It's difficult not to want to assume. Trust me, I know; if every time I made an assumption some kind of food automatically popped out of my ass, I could feed the entire world.

But it's probably for the best to drop such a habit. Because you really can never know a person until they tell you themselves.

Still it'd be funny if for no reason I just yelled at a customer "I'M AN ATHEIST!!!" with a huge smile.

I think a lot.

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