Friday, July 16, 2010



The infamous scarf that raised our hopes. It was our hipster "Shroud of Turin".

Ahhh we finally made it. We knew for sure thanks to the sunglasses. But also...

'Cause of these fucking pants! They were everywhere! I hate these things with a passion. Please, for God's sake, just wear shorts.

Hipsters trying to grab some of mommy's money. Perez Hilton makes a cameo in this one.

New York Senator Chuck Schumer started gathering a crowd. His mic kept breaking up, which led me to make loud accusations of being a robot. Person behind me sarcastically yelled "Keep it up!". Needless to say, we appreciated his appearance.

As the crowd drew, I couldn't help but notice this poor man's feet have been inexplicably forced into these shoes. I hope the people who did this to him were properly reprimanded. But wait...what the hell is that on the right?

It's an ol' fashioned gay hippie dancing to the techno music warm-up! He was one of the people who made me question my thinking. He seemed pretty happy and enthusiastic, which was pretty infectious. In spite of the underoos.

Nice of her to let me take a picture. But I kind of wanted to punch her. 'Cause I'm hatin' on her carefree spirit. Okay so I wanted to hug her.

Here's the act. It was a collaboration of two bands I never heard of, Xiu Xiu and Deerhoof, who covered songs from Joy Division's "Unknown Pleasures" album. Us Americans have no goddamn clue who Joy Division is; so me and my friend were just kind of along for the ride.

The frontman was strange. His entire outfit looked pretty for his socks. Which embrace his oddly gay stage style. Annnnnd he read the lyrics off a music stand. Here's a vid of one of the songs.

Ah! A girl guitarist! But she didn't do anything at all. Seriously, there were times when she was tuning while the song was playing...

...And playing the guitar with a drumstick. Well, tried, anyway.

As much as I thrash the band though it was still a fun performance thanks to the energy of the other band members. Joy Division's music was a little alienating and odd live, but the band was charismatic enough.

A few more pictures left!
Here's the last part of this delightfully filthy hippie trilogy.

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