Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The Other Side: Cookies and Landmines/Don't Be A Douche

There are two modes of thought in my head. My, more or less, "general" side, where I'm a social butterfly and I'm more than eager to tell the joke and play party to the audience's whimsy. And a philosophical side, who quietly loses himself in thought and is constantly snapped back to attention at the moment a friend recognizes my daze.

Don't Be a Douche is the ever-introspective latter.

But Cookies and Landmines is the whimsical former.

And/or whoever this kid is. He's fantastic.

To separate the two modes into two blogs allows me to play a foil to the heavy-handed style of Don't Be a Douche, a style of thought that I practice way too often on my own for me to stay entertained by it.

But for every deep thought, there is a ridiculous counterpart waiting to break the ice. So, this blog expresses various points of views and stupid jokes that are too delightful to keep on my own. Like girl scout cookies. Minus the jailbait.


It's too fun a dance for me; where submerging in deep thought feels like tightrope walking with weights, my mind releases itself and skips freely along fresh meadows on CnL.

You homo.

In other words, I'd end up a bitter old man at 19; this is my way of avoiding that.

Don't Be a Douche is the puppeteer; constantly tugging in an effort to decipher the world around me, and guides me towards wit and cynicism.

But Cookies and Landmines is the marionette; the thing that I ultimately connect to emotionally, and conveys the impression that I'd want people to have of me.

Because this just isn't as fun as I expected.

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