Tuesday, February 22, 2011


After realizing that, okay, I was kind of a dick to the Blogger-world, I took a different approach.

Shutting the hell up?

I looked at the situation and still felt something was fundamentally wrong, so I moved the pointed finger at the system, and not its subjects: the BoN nominators themselves.

There is no written criteria for BoN glory. The blogs are scoured by whatever dweeb in the enigmatic Blogger HQ deems noteworthy when they hop links that day. This means the spotlight is cast seemingly at random.

Please welcome our new lighting operator.

Or is it?

When you sift through the BoN page and glance at the nominees, there are existing patterns. They are so consistent, in fact, that they do imply ways to please our Blogger lords.

And then God said, "Let there be small hobbies and material interests."

I will make an effort to demonstrate this:

Pictures of doors and shit!

Wow crochet and shit!

Actually, I quite admire this. But let's move on.

Fancy food and shit!

Like my blouse? I brought it from shitsy!

Hey here's a picture I turned black and white! Aren't I artsy? And shit?

I guess I just wish Blogger would bother to give more credence to writers and less to what amounts to Internet scrapbooking. Not (just) because writing is of greater value, but because, seriously, that's all the BoN appears to reward thus far. A blog should succeed on the quality of its writing, not the quantity of its pictures.

And shit.


  1. HAHAHAHA @ the you like my blouse? caption. You have perfectly articulated my disillusionment with the internet and blogs. Everyone is trying to be an artsy fashion photographer model poser and the sad thing is, such pathetic antics actually work. Good quality writing, it seems, is now a thing of the past.

  2. Yeah, I've been having a tough time coming across decent blogs centered around its writing. Seems like every cute girl's gotten hold of a page and posted their lipstick colors on it.

    Thanks for the comment. Much appreciated.

  3. "A blog should succeed on the quality of its writing, not the quantity of its pictures." and the above comments,
    - How very true.

    A good blog is so hard to find now.