Saturday, February 19, 2011

Brianosophy 101: We're All Everyone, and No One is Anybody.

(This one's a 2-parter. Best you start with the first one.)

I'll pull the curtains up for a bit; in the blog "P.S.", I was perfectly aware of 3 gaping chasms in my argument against the presumed girly-girl content Blogger is filled with:

1. Really, a lot of Blogger is filled with decent content of just the subject matter I so deemed honorable.

2. My request would heavily marginalize the diversity in Blogger's content.

3. It's hypocritical of me, as someone who's heavily into being yourself absolutely, to ask someone not to post the content they so feel like posting.

Despite this, I still posted the blog. Why? 'Cause people pissed me off. Because it pains me to see people be so simple. This is also why that, despite posting the first three, the only blog that deeply annoyed me was the "TV" blog; the others have creative merit, and perhaps driven by some sort of venerable passion. But to solely recap the event of a glowing box as your entire blog epitomizes my disdain for America's culture in general.

But this is a whole other blog for an entirely different day.

So clearly, I'm capable of great love, and fierce hatred. And I play both cards well.

The beauty in this, however, is how I don't believe this is so dissimilar from anyone else. We as people have chosen to isolate ourselves in a universe revolving solely around us. This leaves little room for deep introspection into the understanding of others. As a result, we end up more or less greying who we are; giving ourselves a little of every quality/character trait, even if we don't truly own them.

Even though I'm assuming, I'm pretty certain that everyone else has/does practice the duality of great love/fierce hatred in some form. That these two foils co-exist with us day-to-day, and is not a unique feature of anyone's.

It is this lack of awareness that causes us to grow insolent and, ultimately, a little lonely. And this is also why it is not kindness necessarily that we admire, but the courage it takes to be kind.

In the midst of all this gift-wrapping, I've lost the pretty bow to tie it together. I guess you'll just have to take my word for it that it does. "Be nice, don't assume, and don't be a douche" maybe? Yeah. Let's go with that.

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