Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Indie Cognizance

There is a common phenomena amongst scene kids that is rarely documented and yet widely experienced. It is the sudden sensation that rages when two members of similar sub-cultures cross eyes in a territory that they would otherwise be unique. This sensation has been coined "Indie Cognizance".

Let's have an obscure baby together.

This often occurs during public transportation; the perfect setting, as it forces every individual from a varied pool of neighborhoods to congregate in one place. Generally, a bus or train is tightly packed with average American citizens, who have made no considerable effort to aesthetically define themselves. There are many features indicative of this, but namely:

- University/College sweater/hoodie.
- Sweatpants.
- New Balance sneakers.
- Nike's most rejected set of running shoes.
- Uggs (Now unisex).

My future child.

- If female, forgettable ponytail.
- If male, forgettable conglomerate of follicles.

Being a Billboard 101.

With this to provide a blurred background, features indicative of a flamboyant individual gleam quite easily. Indie cognizance, however, is not dependent upon any particular scene. It is merely dependent upon two people of the same (or nearly the same) scene to be within visual range of one another.


You are metal douchebag #346. Your hair can be a variety of unkempt styles, but today you've decided to swing it just barely over your eye. After all, you must avoid looking too emo.

You are wearing eyeliner, and happened to feel "As I Lay Dying" would look particularly fitting on your chest. Hot Topic has also adorned you with those ridiculous pants that Sora almost certainly wore from Kingdom Hearts 2. And your shoes are indiscernible as your dual-bodybags hang over said apparel.

You might've killed Xenmas, but Sephiroth's gonna take a few levels.

You are on your way to your local community college by bus, and you have begun boarding. As you take those melancholic steps towards "your place of hatred", you look left and find yourself paused.

There is a girl. She has eyeliner. And brides with black veils are yelling from her bosoms. She is distinctly androgynous, and her blue hair dye is abruptly birthed from her brunette roots. You feel a stir in your chest; one that compels you to relate with her.

However, you are a shy idiot, and instead sit several seats behind her so as to devour her with your eyes, because you cannot bring yourself to talk to her.

Or because she's black. Passive racism wins again.

The actualization of indie cognizance does not imply that the two subjects will interact. In fact, it almost definitively means they will not. Ultimately, there are two reasons.

1. Because it's crushingly nerve-wracking to talk to a stranger.

2. Because "Who the fuck is this bitch and what is she doing in YOUR indie territory????"

Despite this, indie cognizance undoubtedly forces one to stare like a potential school shooter, and disable your environmental awareness. This psychotic staring is caused by a mental tennis game involving your personal convictions, and the contradiction of them. This staring is generally marked by a distinct disappearance of the Passion Pit song that was playing in one's ears.

And everything is going to th............

Further details:

Indie cognizance, as mentioned earlier, does not require two members to be of the "indie" scene. It is simply the most fitting term for anyone who does not blend in with their environment. This is because "indie" is short for "independent". You do not have to purchase pins from Etsy.com or amuse your fixie-fancy on Bike Snob NYC in order to be indie.

One could say I'm nonplussed about this misconception.

Furthermore, because the environment must contrast against the two IC subjects, indie cognizance is not possible in Starbucks, Hot Topic, American Apparel, Urban Outfitters, Last Night's Party, or the entire neighborhood of Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY.

Summation and Personal Inquiry:

Indie cognizance is a powerful emotion that numbs the senses of even the most expressive scenester. It is mostly likely the offspring of a primal human urge; to connect with those of your kind.

Unfortunately, its thrilling rush is met with apt anticlimax as it creates an earthquake of awkward throughout one's body, its epicenter the tectonic shifting of being a try-hard and one's crippling self-doubt.

It is with this observation that I feel IC is less a mere emotion and more akin to a legendary sword; its power, so great, is both intimidating and irresistible. And with the proper wielding, is a great asset for revolution. Overcoming IC's inundating paralysis is an action I have yet seen, but my belief is that doing so could lead to great things.

Or so I assume.

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