Sunday, February 13, 2011


For some time I've wondered why this blog has flown under the Blogger radar.

'Cause Hitler shows up on the LinkWithin?

Then, I looked at the (as of this post) first three "Blogs of Note".

Of course. How could I possibly garner the attention of a Blogger audience who's attention span is only as wide as the channels between Oxygen and the Food Network?

I spent my day doing the Konami code on my remote.

I suppose I can't argue; I am here, and the audience that dominates this space is what it is. I could get the hell off if I was really that displeased, but alas, I'd find myself with nothing to bitch about.

So I'll settle for this instead:

Dear Audience of Blogger (i.e. Every registered user on Etsy),

Please, stop being so generic. For the love of vintage clothing, broaden your goddamn horizons. No, this isn't a terribly conspicuous plea for your traffic.

He lied.

But rather, that you not be so easily categorized. We as humans should press to make ourselves as distinguishable as possible. We should strive to utilize Blogger as unique and unadulterated form of social, philosophical, and psychological expression. Not into a chimera made of Vogue and whatever those shit little tabloids are with the weight loss advice. You know; the ones that are 6 inches preceding the Reese's and gum at a checkout lane?

Thirteen things I've never cared about.

And I know that, the lot of you being chicks, you're interested in chick things. But for once in my life, I'd like to see not just a girl, but anyone who's willing to break all of his/her stereotypical gender barriers and be more than their bestowed genitals.

Someone who clearly isn't an 18 year old white girl.

P.S. Fuck cakes.


  1. Flattered to be complimented by the mighty Sauce herself. Thanks.