Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Justification of Your Fuckbuddy Pt. I

This is by no means a persuasive effort to ask people to fuck one another randomly (Or fuck me, which would be preferred).

Does this make you wet?

This is more or less an insight into an argument that, seemingly, is never openly made. I’m interested purely in the objective truth of all things, and if this argument does unveil that truth, then I am invested in it.

Like an arsonist's invested in fire insurance.

There is a part II, and it will be posted tomorrow.


It is essential to the idea of decency that friendship, love, and other relationships of platonic nature (Or simply, relationships which do not immediately imply TONS OF SEX) are tethered to the belief that they are emotionally “deeper” than those of an outwardly sexual nature.

Looks pretty deep to me.

In the general definition of “deeper” (General being the collective inferences gleaned from conversations throughout my life), this means that they have stronger emotional ties, and thus are more progressive, and positive, to the human experience.

But why?

Because you touch yourself.

We do not immediately question the idea that friendships are of a more significant nature because conventional thinking deems it so, and our innate moral compasses would prefer it to be the case.

But what if that fuckbuddy has a far greater emotional implication than your best friend ever has?

But this is my best friend.

In truth, sex in humans has deep psychological bounds. Generally, the type of sex had, who it is you have sex with, how it is you have sex with them, what it is you enjoy about it, is all entirely dependent upon what occurred to you psychologically.

For example, it’s a nearly subconscious fact that a person who was raised without their father has a wildly different approach to sex than a person with a father (I would say “without one parent/with both”, but I don’t have an observational experiences involving this).

Thanks Newark!

Of course, being without a dad will affect your entire approach to life, let alone sex.

wat is college

But this does legitimize sex’s deeply-rooted nature in our psychology, which empowers my next point.

Trauma of any kind, physical or emotional, is a massively dominant force in the way we perceive our reality. A victim of rape is less likely to enjoy sex as opposed to a non-victim, a driver who took part in a menacing car accident will be less comfortable driving, etc.

'Cause you don't want a car accident photo from Google Images.

The irony is, the same does not hold true for events of perceived “normalcy”, or how they’re expected to go. When something goes as established, it passes through your psyche meaninglessly. When both parents love you, you do appreciate it, but you will be unlikely to highlight or express this in your behavior as someone who’s parents did not.

Bet I know what daddy was like. Or wasn't.

When you drive your car without any car accidents, you will not be affected in anyway near as significantly as you would’ve been if that one drive went horribly awry. So an established truth going as established does not make an impact. Only when the establishment is broken does the brain learn some shit.


Placing this context onto friendships and sexual relationships, a deep friendship or successful relationship does not have the same profundity in the mind as the one person who cheated on you, or the friend who stabbed your back.

You are in fact more likely to react to these situations in anyway than you are to the established ideal of friendships working cooperatively and relationships blossoming beautifully.

Or tits being perfect.

So if a sexual relationship of an adverse nature to the participant is more likely to have a bigger impact psychologically than a healthy one, is it not, according to the general meaning, “deeper”? Is it as shallow as we perceive if its affects are far more prolific than the established truth?

Essentially, when you fuck promiscuously for funsies, is it not more impacting to your psyche than when you fuck someone happily for a long time? And if so, doesn’t it make it “deeper”?

A fistful of deep.

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  1. i dunno man, i lost my virginity to a girl that fucked my twin brother without telling me or him. I enjoy casual sex with strangers more but maybe that's because I have trust issues. I foudn this by google imaging fuck buddy for the memes lol

    very thought provocative didn't think I was going to read the whole thing