Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Justification of Your Fuckbuddy II

Part II/Conclusion. Sorry for delay.


Certainly, the impact of promiscuous sex and backstabbing relationships are not positives by any means. They’re more probably negative, as after some time, they’ll develop a sense of distrust and the feeling of being unfulfilled.

The caption is inherent.

However, trauma is a necessary evil. Without trauma, we do not develop an understanding of how to better resolve situations, because we do not know any of its consequences. Like a child who touches a flame before ever understanding that it is, in fact, hot as shit.


Emotionally, flames have to be played with in order to be properly handled and used for future, more positive uses. If this holds true, then essentially promiscuous sex is that child playing with fire. It is the active trial and error to discover what sex is, what your emotions are about it, how the dots connect, and what it all means to you.

Problem solved.

This means promiscuous sex and all sex out of the normal “I love you/you love me” context breaks the established truth of sex being a sanctimonious ritual of love, loyalty, and longevity, and is thus more progressive than a standard relationship.

It is, in fact, “deeper” than your best friends or your nicest, more withstanding relationships. Your “fuckbuddy” is better for your psyche than the love of your life.

Buy the vowels, get it done.

But here is the disclaimer: This significance is temporary. Like the analogy of a child playing with fire, at some point, the child will have to understand that he/she’s beyond playing with matches. Eventually, the more significant actions of grilling, cooking, or boiling will have to grow from sliding a match against the box. And if it does not, he/she is not developing.


So at some point, promiscuous sex begins to wain in significance and positivity, level with the established monogamy of relationships, and inevitably become less developmental and more detrimental.

Like this, except with your emotions.

For the moment, I’m in the age group where promiscuous sex still holds some positive footing over a monogamous relationship or a decent friendship. But this will stop. It will get old, and it will stunt your psychological growth.

This is what you really look like.

And it will always have to be done with some careful emotional footing; damage of some nature always occurs when sex is had this way, and while I’ve argued this as a positive, you do not want to set the damn house on fire when you only meant to burn your finger.

brb burning nations.

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