Friday, March 12, 2010

Here's the Landmine part of the blog.

We live in a world of subjective reality.

What I mean by this is that things are what they are because we want them to be. Let's start simple and hilariously.

Sex. The stimuli required to alert your brain to induce an orgasm is different from person to person. The action is always the same. Neurons get fired back and forth, you grow a little more tingly in your genitals, and voila, you burst liquid happiness. But the visual stimulation required to get you to do that is different and based on how you choose to interpret your chosen stimulation.

For example, there are people who ejaculate to balloon fetishes.

See. Simple and hilarious. And sexy.

Women, often half or fully naked, either bouncing on giant rubber balloons, or simply maneuvering on top of a small generic helium bubble. This makes me laugh. To someone else, this is what triggers their brain to send the signal to burst liquid happiness.

Same with man-on-man sex. I equate it to a generic Youtube video; it's just as silly to me as a girl fucking up a cartwheel. But to someone else, it's love making at its purest, and their fix for sexual stimulation.

Let's use a less ridiculous, more personal example. My classic Chuck Taylor's are symbol of friendship, trials, and tribulations. To another, they're a shitty looking shoe made out of cloth and rubber with no back-foot support whatsoever.

I mean seriously. You jump one foot into the air and the shock from the landing will demolish your ankles.

If something can be made to have a strong emotional resonance, even if it, in actuality, means nothing, then isn't everything subjective to what our minds chooses it to be?

This is all foreplay to why I'm writing this: This thought process is the exact reason I'm an atheist.

Because ultimately, everything around us only exists in their literal definitions and have no emotional or personal meaning until we grant it, then the essential argument of the Creationist theory is automatically dismantled; you cannot use mere existence as an argument anymore, because according to my logic, that too is subject to our personal choice of meaning.

This means that the only thing that can prove God's existence is a piece of evidence that is, indisputably, God itself. Not a giant mountain formation, not a huge body of water, not a collection of hot gases and dust, but an object that can only be God, and nothing else.

Until that piece of evidence shows itself, I cannot believe there is a God. Because everything we currently see is meaningless and only exists as its literal definition. Things are just ions bonded together to make something pretty until we choose to give it a greater purpose.

Or make it sexier. Mmm.

I understand that my own logic can be used against me. That I am subjecting the world to my own chosen agenda, and so I think everything is an evidence of Atheism. But herein lies the difference; it isn't what Atheists have that proves me right, in my opinion, it's what Creationists lack (The indisputable objective evidence of a God) that gives me the upper hand.

Still, I concede that I could still be applying subjective thought. And so I'll always be willing to agree to disagree, which is what we should all do in a world that only means what we choose it to mean. But apart of me will always fall towards this side, unless that special day comes when God blasts my head apart a la Ben Affleck in "Dogma".

Probably the most grandiose way to find out you were wrong.

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