Monday, March 29, 2010

I have a cold.

Which is why my last post was Thurs. I'm trying to make the top ten list a consistent 2-3 days apart, but I can't freaking manage the proper thought for it. Like I told a friend on Facebook, "I'm more prone to goddamn Pokemon than existentialism right now".

Charizard's easily top 3.

I don't totally have writer's block though. I just can't be critical or very expressive. So instead, I'm gonna quickly write about Cookies 'n' Landmines' mission statement. Despite being preceded by fucking Charizard.

The point here is to talk about interesting topics in interesting ways. We like to think that we're not quite apart of the mold, and so we try to write things in that same original vein.

Because no one cares about that blouse you like.

Now from "MindlessBreeder's" perspective, I don't know. But for me, my interests are music, sociology, psychology, pop culture, and sometimes politics. My style (More like the one I really hope I sound like) fits in between bubbly and sharp; fun, but equally as witty and analytical. I also try to cater to the audience more than not; if something just seems too damn obscure or stupid, I try to steer clear of it.

So I guess that leaves out one question: What do I want people to come out with after reading? Well, a smile and a laugh first and foremost. Then, I hope they feel a little more enlightened about the subject they read. Lastly, I hope they feel compelled enough to go out there and jam my babble down someone else's ear.

So yeah. For me, I just hope this makes an impact on at least one person's life. But if we can pull together a real place here and command some attention, it'd be nice. After all, it feels good to know people care about your fucking blog, you know?


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