Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Is it obvious I've ran out of ideas?

When I feel I've hit writer's block, I take my time to scour my mind for one topic to discuss. This usually ends in resounding failure, and instead I end up finding a dozen mini-topics.

So what do I do? I go on a writing spree of mini-topics.

Fucking steamrolling over that block.


Why is this a cool new phrase to say? Don't get me wrong, I'm all for self-deprecation. But fuck my life? Why does that follow things like "I grabbed my kool-aid out of the fridge and it spilled on the floor FML!!!" or "I can't believe I have to work on Saturday! FML!!!!"

No. No, your life isn't fucked. It's just mildly inconvenienced (What would that be? "MLMI!"?). I think there's more important things to tag those 3 letters after.


Which leads me to this other little acronym.


Shaking my head. Or like I see it as, "I'm gonna replace strong phrases like 'I'm disappointed' and 'How stupid' with this 3-lettered-acronym that spells out the sound you make when you throw a small fart." Think about it. It's so true isn't it.

Just say "That's stupid", damnit. Make some time to articulate yourself, you know? I get "lol" or whatever, but it gets damn ridiculous sometimes. Fuck, if someone from the 1940s decided to read the Internet, they'd think we've had strokes.

democracy leads 2 economic turmoil lol smh so i try 2 tell dat 2 britain but i had to take dem by force fml!!!!


In other German-related fun, Rammstein has recently decided to infect my head. I have a weird tryst with them. I spend a few days with them. Love it. Then ignore them for 3 years; like a child of divorced parents.

It's okay Rammstein. I'll send you money.

Recently I decided to call them and ask what the hell they've been doing with their lives. They told me about a few other accomplishments they made, namely "Amerika" and "Feuer Frei". Amerika has weak verses, but its chorus is hypnotic, and its breakdown is deliciously primal. The message also speaks to a very anarchistic/individualistic side of myself who hates globalism, and America's particularly boring image.

"Feuer Frei", however, is a song that if adrenaline decided to manifest through music, it'd probably be "Feuer Frei". Such a fantastic riff, with a great chorus and breakdown. An amazing accomplishment in the field of "badassery".

Rammstein are an admittedly simple band musically, but they're very keen on making catchy music that never leaves you after you've heard it. And "Amerika"/"Feuer Frei" are perfect examples of that.

Oh my boy's so adventurous!

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