Saturday, August 14, 2010

Best Movie Night Ever I: The Crowd.

Bomber's Dozen's off this weekend. Instead, here's this awesomeness:

Scott Pilgrim vs. The World is fucking fantastic.

But did you need me to say that?

Yes, because it totally was.

It first caught my eye when its trailer popped up before "Get Him to the Greek". Though the music-based premise and video game visuals intrigued me, what really caught me was Be Your Own Pet's "Black Hole" playing in the background.

I knew I had to watch this movie right at that moment.

Fast forward to Friday, 12 AM, and there I was, AMC theaters, walking towards the screen. But I had no idea how much more awesome the night was gonna be, beyond the movie itself.

Me and my friend found our seats 4 rows down from the very top. I kept iterating to him that the crowd tonight was different; it wasn't a bunch of Puerto Ricans trying to be as sexy as possible, or a bunch of white girls trying to be as Peurto Rican possible, it was just nerds. Scott Pilgrim fans, comic book dorks, and everything in between. The buzz coming from them was fantastic; the theater was a lit with chatter about various dorky topics.

To drive the nerd point home, someone next to us actually pulled out an iPad and starting surfing the Internet on it. Seriously. I think he pulled it out of his pocket Looney Tunes-style.

But the crowd wasn't done impressing me. Me and my friend, Chris, were waiting on someone else and his girlfriend. He asked me if I wanted to partake in yelling his name out when he entered the theater. I was nervous, but I could never pass up such a silly opportunity.

And thank God I didn't.

The moment we saw him enter, I signaled the friend next to me and we aptly got up and yelled his name at the top of our lungs. This was followed by some people to the left of us yelling "HEY YEAH IT'S THAT GUY" in a sarcastically affable way, and then, after a few cheers from me and my friend, we led the entire move theater crowd in applauding and cheering my friend's entrance.

It was the greatest thing ever.

The crowd's concert-like atmosphere continued during the trailers, in which we openly "WOO"ed as they started. My favorite part though was when M. Night Shamaylan's "Devil" trailer came up. The crowd was a bit quiet, seemingly interested. But they didn't know M. Night was the director, which me and my friends did.

The moment his name flashed on screen, my friends and I yelled a timely "AWWWWWWWWWWWGHHHH" followed by the crowd booing and complaining about "The Last Airbender", which indeed is a terrible movie.

I made few yells about how God is so much better than the Devil, and after the crowd's laughter, I immediately expressed to them my appreciation by yelling "I love you guys" and "YAY CROWD".

Best movie crowd ever.

But of course, we were all here for one movie. And it's easily the best movie I'd seen all year...

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  1. Yea boi ^.^ wonder when well get a crowd like that again :D lolz