Monday, August 9, 2010

Special Number 13.

Or my prelude to homeless ranting.

So the Pentagon has finally made a statement that they will assassinate diplomatically assert themselves onto Wikileaks to cover up for its recent leak of 76,000 Afghanistan War files.

The internet-savvy are quite aware of Wikileaks, but in case Blogger's #1 demographic, cute white girls, aren't so aware, here is my brief summary of what Wikileaks is/does:

Wikileaks is a website site that discloses classified government files that it so deems necessary for the world to know. It leaks these files through anonymous sources. They are incredibly integral to our understanding of government and politics, since it opens doors to information we, the public, weren't supposed to know.

Wikileaks' claim to fame, however, is a video called "Collateral Murder", which is footage from a helicopter of the US adamantly attacking visibly unarmed Iraqi civilians.

In short, Wikileaks is easily one of the most globally relevant sites on the Internet, and is a symbol for political transparency across the world.

So let's get back to the Pentagon, who've made a "Hey bro what the fuck" motion with this "compel" statement.

This push marks the first time the Pentagon have openly declared a discontent with Wikileaks' action (Besides secretively bitching about it in more files Wikileaks discovered). If Julian Assange, the site's founder and owner, is irked by this, his solace would lie in Iceland, who have openly sworn to protecting him and his type of service.

You may now take Iceland out of your pocket.

If Wikileaks discloses information that is substantial enough, which the Afghanistan files were quite close to being, the Pentagon and/or any other government involved with the leak may feel the need to assert themselves onto Wikileaks in spite of Iceland's safeguard.

And so begins the catfight.

Both sides would feel violated, be it the aggressors, having lost their government privacy, or Iceland, having been furtively (or otherwise) invaded. This could easily end in a diplomatic resolution in which the U.N., as Iceland nervously yells "HOLD ME BACK MAN!", holds them back.

Or it could divide the world on the logistics of government transparency and net neutrality.

Some would protect Iceland. Others, mostly those having been exposed by Julian Assange, may fight alongside the US, but in a fashion more or less similar to the union between Germany and Russia during the WWII era.

Meanwhile, some factions defending Iceland may do so solely to war against the US, which furthers the intricacies of the social-political relationships occurring in this fanciful struggle.

The US may also shutdown the Internet in the midst of the Assange-bonanza (Which would be the only way they could thoroughly rid of any files leaking to the American public). This would lead to a major, perhaps revolutionary, backlash amongst the American public. And thus, WWIII begins, and the world hits the eject button to blow the dust from its cartridge.

During this ridiculous dissertation, you've just learned that I'm kind of a war nerd. And that you give a rapidly declining shit about it. So I'll just top this off with something important:

Wikileaks is quite possibly the most important website on the Internet. What Assange's site offers is completely unique, and substantial to our understanding of world politics. Keep up with its material. And be prepared to defend it. Because while it may not lead to WWIII, it damn sure is worth fighting for.

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