Thursday, June 10, 2010

Biting My Tongue

Something I should really learn to do. so a few weeks ago, i made a little post about how i prefer Meg White to Karen Elson. And when i heard the latter was releasing an album, it only made me loath her more. turns out, she might not suck, after all, and Jack may have traded up.

Sorry Meg

i guess i just didnt expect much from a woman famous only for having bright red hair and no eyebrows.

Seriously. WHERE ARE THEY?

But i found myself being proved wrong today when i decided to listen to her new song The Ghost Who Walks. Her album has mostly been promoted as an "indie" record (whatever that means anymore), but at least from what i've heard, sounds more like a folk-trance combo.

"folk-trance." likely a term already used by some d-bag elitist on that certain website.....

like i said, i've only gotten to hear this one song so far. party because im just lazy when it comes to seeking out new music, but also because i've been playing it over and over for about half an hour now. so everything i say will be based on this one song. every other track could suck, as far as i know. anyway, she has a surprisingly good voice. very warm and kind of haunting. as far as the music, the only way i could think to describe it is western trance. like if zero 7 and John Wayne had a love child, it would be this song. think about that for a minute. sexy, right?

All in all, a cute little gothic fairy tale about a girl who falls for a guy who then takes her to a lake one night and kills her. charming. judge for yourself:

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