Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Regurgitations of a 19-Year-Old

I'm finding myself in a bit of a struggle to manage a proper physical image without falling into a mold and becoming a douche at the same time.

So...a moldy douche?

It's odd when you grow the self-awareness to manually tailor your looks and wield your appearance to get the reaction you desire. Once you do, you have to question what you look to get out of people with your appearance. Which then begs the question if you're being shallow. Which then makes you wonder if you're inadvertently diving face first into the pool of a billion assholes who throw up handsigns for their FB photos and make kissy faces.

I'm doing a fucking backstroke in it.

You can easily compromise your personality and individuality in this thought, all to impress those you may not ultimately care for. Because seriously, if you have to make an effort to look a certain way for the sake of attraction, the attraction's probably shallow and wouldn't like you as a person anyway. And may have chlamydia.

My friend here had a blog a couple days ago about Jack White and Karen whateverthefuckhernamewas.

They look like the physical embodiment of Elmer's glue.

So I ask this question: would their babies turn out transparent?

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