Saturday, June 26, 2010

Things That Should Go Away Immediately: Part 2

so its been a while since my first installment of random hormonal rants. i think we're all due for another fresh, warm bowl of merciless bile. go on....try it. its free :)

1. keanu reeves. i want to duel him. apparently he's been cast to play the lead role in an upcoming live action cowboy bebop movie. this is the ONE anime that actually made it out of my anime geek phase with me. there is a special place in my heart for cowboy bebop. or at least, there used to be. im not sure his overly broody.....?acting? will ever allow me to see spike spiegal the same way again. this will not end well.

cowboy bebop movie: this decade's batman and robin

2. The World Cup. America doesnt care. especially now that we're not even in it anymore. soccer is never going to happen in the U.S. it takes forever for anything to happen, and too often ends in a tie. we dont do that here. we want a clear winner and a clear loser. none of this "tie" nonsense. and we like our sports to be ridiculously complicated. soccer is simply too.....simple. its a children's game, which no true American child plays, anyway, because they're all too busy being morbidly obese. soccer is just one more thing that the world keeps trying to shove down our throats, just like the metric system and self restraint.

seriously. name anything. guarantee you we've batter dipped it and fried it in grease.

3. David Letterman. usually i couldnt care less, but for some reason his existence has been chapping my lady balls lately. he's snarky and obnoxious, which, when done right, has great potential to be a highly entertaining combination. but when he does it he just seems bitter and old.

4. i cant believe im even addressing this, but it has to be done....Booty Pop panties (it physically pained me to type that out). anything that comes in sizes "sweet" "sweeter" and "sweetest" should never have been awarded a patent. period. i would love to go on a rant right now about how much i'd enjoy hunting down the man who created this monstrosity and kicking him in his male imperialist nuts. sadly, the.....ugh...."booty pop" was the combined effort of two women. another shameless self sabotaging moment for womankind. dont believe me? think i'm being overdramatic? i dare you to watch the commercial.

thats all for now. more later.


  1. Hahahaha I loled at that "booty pop" thing.

    I'm sorry, really, but my opinion regarding women's mental abilities is VERY pessimistic.

    IMHO for most women to do anything complex someone has to put up a dumbed-down tutorial or course.

  2. you are a troll-bait factory, and this is all i'm willing to feed you

  3. Dude, that Bebop movie is never going to happen. They've been talking about it for years now. It's not going any farther than that screen shot. Just like the Bebop video game, it's production has been dead in the water for like three or four years now.