Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The Breakroom Ramblings

When I manage to feel like writing for hours on end, I take a memo pad and scribble down my spontaneous reactions to the little world surrounding me as I go out. These are the best of the resulting ramblings. This one is during my break time at work.

I'm starting to master how to conduct myself with customers and strangers. It's a balancing act between being hospitable and not seeming desperate. I even welcome the angry customers just for the challenge of trying to reach a peaceful resolution. Then call them terrible things behind their backs.

I wonder if it's unethical to do this. There is a clothing store next door with girls who come in constantly. I've starting feigning personalities with them, just to see what's most likely to impact them. I think the word here is "lying" or "manipulation". I tell myself it's penis insurance.

Only 15 minutes could save you 15% or more on herpes prescriptions.

A lady who frequents the store came in and instigated a "kickboxing" fight between me and an elderly lady. She was joking. But I wasn't.

Bring it, bitch.

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